P.C. Besseling & Zn. was founded in 1946 by Piet Besseling. P. Besseling started after WWII with 1 truck, transporting potatoes, other vegetables and fruits to various auctions in the region.

Also at that time the local agricultural cooperative was supplied with fertilizer and at night the transporter wagons at the railway stations in the region were filled with cargo.

In 1976 our company operated 10 trucks and the corporate form was changed from 'Firma' to 'B.V.'. Also the sons and son-in-law of P. Besseling took over the leadership of the company. Meanwhile they are also followed by their children. The transportation of horticultural and agricultural products expanded sustainably from our home market, the region of West-Friesland, to other agricultural regions in The Netherlands as well as Germany, France and Spain.

At 1 January 2002 we took over 'Rob Boots Transport'. Boots is a transport company based in Venhuizen that was founded in 1964. This company had specialized in the transportation of flowers and flowerbulbs. This fits our profile perfectly and so we seized this opportunity to expand our services and make our company even more competitive.

In the summer of 2003 P.C. Besseling was offered to take over part of 'Transportbedrijf Hoekstra' based in Grootebroek. The agreement included the transportation of flowerbulbs to the horticultural and agricultural regions of The Netherlands, the transportation of plants and trees from the town of Boskoop to Germany and also 2 vehicles. Of course transporting flowerbulbs fitted us very well, but also the transportation of plants and trees to Germany was a pleasant addition to our services.

As you see, we are a company that moves about. We like taking new challenges, and we feel in place with a wide diversity of transport services.